Prado VX.R

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This car model is surely worth your attention! Not only has this SUV a unique smart package, but also does satisfy every driver. The first thing which grabs our attention while examining Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is its laconic design, featured by logos of Toyota. This model is frequently restyled, following its improvement of exterior and interior, as well as some mechanical features. During the last 2017 restyling some more new extraordinary features were added, including an improved safety system with a number of airbags; Advanced Driver Assistance software with accident prevention system; sound, calls and interior control system.

This car is famous for its decent usability among as drivers, as passengers. Adjustable seats, smooth armrests, climate control system, convenient lightning, a number of modern dynamics and speakers are essential features of Prado VXR’s leather interior. This car can be truly called family-friendly. It is possible to set up a child seat. This car’s large trunk capacity allows its owner to put a great deal of items.

TOYOTA PRADO VXR is an off-road vehicle, which provides you safe and comfortable driving despite any circumstances, such as bumpy roads or inconvenient weather conditions.

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