• 2022
BMW X7 xDrive40d
$137,000.00 FOB Frankfurt
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BMW is a symbol of a great German standard of quality. Cars, manufactured by this brand are famous and prestigious worldwide. Despite the fact that the headquarters of the company is located in Munich, BMW cars are produced in Russia, China, the USA and some other countries as well.

BMW has gained it's prestige not only because of the decent quality, creative design and high off-road overcoming features, but also its media popularity - this car brand is widely recognized as James Bond's favorite one. Driving a BMW represents dignity, power and braveness of its owner.

Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Lexus are the only car manufacturers which can compete with BMW.

Why is this brand so famous? This question is answered right after you check out even a sole product of BMW. Impressive exterior, good accessories and increased permeability and ergonomics of the motor are essential features of this automotive manufacturer. Driving a BMW is safe and comfortable in any conditions, whether in a straight highway, or in a deep off-road area. This is a genuine quality indicator of this brand's reliability, whose logo and name are widely-known everywhere on Earth.

When buying a car by BMW, not only do you purchase a perfect quality and modern design product, but also a  considerable durability and permeability.

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