• 2019
ATV HONDA 500 from USA 2019
$12,000.00 CIP Tashkent
  • 2011

1946. Soichiro Honda launches massive production of engines and motorbikes designed by him.
In fact, this brand is still associated with first of all splendid well-designed motorcycles. In addition, this brand is a worldwide famous manufacturer of special vehicles, while motorbikes still remain to be the most popular product by Honda. "Dream", which is a name of the company's first motorcycle is very symbolic. This automotive manufacturer had been a leading one in motorcycle segment for 20 years due to an indisputably splendid quality of its products. The first automobile, which was a truck, was introduced only in 1962. Soon Honda designed its first coupe sport car - Honda Civic, which is still respected among drivers from all over the world due to its quality, comfort and low cost!
Honda Accord is an another best - seller car model. It was designed in 1976 as a hatchback, and next year a sedan version was introduced as well. This model is still widely sold and manufactured worldwide, making this car generation more and more outstanding.
CR-V is a dream of metropolitan area dwellers and lovers of often driving to countryside. It was introduced in 1995. Dreaming of buying a car by Honda?
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