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TESLA is a North American car brand, named after a legendary individual, whose inventions has greatly improved the world - Nikola Tesla. An ingenious scientist, who made a lot of discoveries in the sphere of electricity back in 1920-30s. It was he who designed a car, which can operate only by an electric engine. In order to follow the example of the origin of the company's name, "TESLA" at its first years, had set up its main goal - to create a 100% ecological sport car, which uses alternative sources of power. It is worth mentioning that this idea required huge money spendings, so founders of Google became official sponsors of this project. Despite all the negative circumstances at first stages of development, the bright minds of TESLA has soon designed an automobile, which functions only via electricity. One fully charged battery was enough to drive 400km. The prototype reached the speed of 100km/h for 4 seconds, and its maximum speed was 210 km/h. Impressive characteristics, isn't it? The company launched a massive production of this car in 2008, there years after the beginning of the development, and 2 years after it was first introduced. It was a genuine and unique masterpiece of automotive industry, which was designed by TESLA. A technological breakthrough and a step into eco-friendly future - these two things were accomplished by TESLA.
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