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Nissan is one of the most leading automobile manufacturers worldwide. This company comes from Japan - the motherland of various outstanding car brands. Founded in 1933, Nissan launched it's own project of rocket engines and theirset-up modules production, as well as a ship building project.
1951 is a date worth mentioning. In this year, famous "Nissan Patrol", which is a all-wheel drive six-cylinder SUV, was introduced and later become the first one in its segment.
Nissan has operated in a great deal of spheres, including rockets, ships, motorboat engines and auto tuning (which has been operating since 1985). An affordable version of Li-Ion accumulator and electric engine are unique inventions by Nissan.
Cars by Nissan are well-recognized and widely known everywhere on Earth. Apart from cars, this manufacturer also designs buses and trucks.
Luxury products by Nissan are distributed under a different brand, which was founded in 1989 - "Infinity". Every item produced by Nissan is a genuine masterpiece of modernity, reliability and comfort.
Our company does distribution of the world's top class cars under the "Nissan" brand. We offer the best models of this brand. Our distribution agency has designed our unique path of buying, loading, registration and delivery of Nissan cars straight to our client's address.