HINO 300
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HINO products are high quality and reliable diesel buses and trucks proudly manufactured in Japan!
Models produced in the Country of The Rising Sun is an essential feature of this company.
Since 1918 HINO has designed and manufactured trucks, as well as buses, semitrailers and diesel engines.
Contests 900 is a famous bantam car by HINO. After the merge with the Toyota Corporation in 1966, buses and trucks became main products of HINO. A huge job was done about the development and improvement of power engines, direct fuel injection system was added to trucks by HINO. In addition, an efficiency of engines was increased, as well as an AWD cars were put on massive production and finally, the first HINO hybrid engine was introduced with "RANGER" , which is car model presented in 1989.
This brand truly deserves your attention and will impress you with a decent quality of their products. Do you need a reliable, well-designed truck for your business? Otherwise, are you interested in expansion of your collection of buses and trucks?
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