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“MAYBACH” – this name has always provoked an association with a symbol of luxury, perfection and uniqueness. In our infinite world, there are no any absolutely identical Maybach cars. The company was founded by
By Wilhelm Maybach, a legendary entrepreneur. In the period from 1926 till 1941 1800 unique automobiles were produced. However, after this "Golden Age", MAYBACH ceased its operation for more than half of the century. 1997 appeared to be a second birthday of the company, when "Daimler-Benz" introduced a luxury car model dedicated to the company's founder - Wilhelm Maybach. This automobile is a genuine masterpiece of design, luxury and perfection.

In 2015, after a rebranding of "Mercedes - Maybach", Mercedes-Maybach S500 was introduced to public. In addition, there is an impressive electric car model by this manufacturer - Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6, which is a perfect example of complete conceptuality.
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