• 2020

FORD is an automaker founded by an ingenious entrepreneur - Henry Ford, who is a father of automotive industry and globally famous guru of an effective business management. An individual, who built his first internal combustion engine in his kitchen at home, and became a legend in automobile industry. The concept of massive production of cars was developed by this outstanding individual. His qoutes and principles are still used and respected by modern entrepreneurs, and Ford's contribution is significantly valuable as for cars industry, as for management and HR spheres.
The Ford company was officially founded in 1903, although apparently Ford had been working on designing his cars since 1899, while he constructed racing cars under a different brand, but all his first attempt failed. Firstly Ford used to be a small enterprise with a human resource of just a number of employees. Henry Ford, who started to lead the company in 1906, has made this manufacturer to reach a new level
FORD Model T, which was produced only with black color, was a best-selling car, and a first model symbolizing start of a new generation of automobile industry - easy, and comfortable driving, reliability and availability of car parts, as well as an opportunity to drive off-road.
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